Inked Hearts Tattoo Expo | Blue Lake Casino & Hotel
Blue Lake, CA | February 6-9, 2020

Each artist who will be tattooing at Inked Hearts Tattoo Expo is required to fill out this artist registration form even if he/she will be appearing with a shop. For those independent artists not appearing with a shop, this artist registration form will also serve as your booth registration. Please make copies at your end and include a “Tattoo Artist Registration Form” for each artist coming with your shop.

Legal Name of Artist: (required)

Artist Nickname:

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Cell Phone: (required)

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Fax Number:

Email Address: (Required)

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Are you affiliated with a shop that lists you on its booth registration form? Check:

If yes, list shop name:

If no, you are considered an independent tattoo artist, and you thereby are responsible for your booth payment and the required registration forms (with the exception of the tattoo shop form).

Consent of Tattoo Artist:

By signing this form with your electronic signature, you personally agree to adhere to all event guidelines as noted herein:

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