Inked Hearts Tattoo Expo | Blue Lake Casino & Hotel
Blue Lake, CA | February 6-9, 2020


(Guests do not need a wristband from the expo in order to enter the Kinetik Lounge; this venue will be free to all.)(Breaking down booth early will result in Shop/Vendor not being invited back)

Venue Information:
The Kinetik Lounge is not part of the main expo floor. It is a smaller venue closer to the hotel. For more information visit, or contact Kayla Corder, for more information.

Arcata/Eureka Airport (airport code: ACV)

Host Hotel:
Blue Lake Casino Hotel will be the host hotel. Each booth receives 1 (One) Standard Room at a vendor discount. Confirmed vendors & artists only are eligible for a hotel discount, and these rooms will be on a first come first serve basis. Please book your hotel rooms by January 15, 2018. Email Kayla Corder, – to reserve a room. If you are receiving the vendor rate, you will need to call the front desk at 707 668-9770 ext. 2880 with your confirmation number and give them your Credit Card prior to 6pm on your check-in date or your room will be sold.

What to Bring:
Surge Protector/AC Strip, extension cords, booth banner/backdrop, extra tables, chairs, tablecloths, displays, lighting, etc. Bring hand truck or dolly for load-in/load-out.

Schedule of events:
Provided by: TBD

Event DJ's & Music will be provided.

Seller’s Permit:
Per state regulations, anyone selling merchandise must have a valid business license issued by your state of operation. Failure to do so may make you subject to removal from show. Bring a copy of your business license to the show.

$250 Non-Refundable Booth Fee


Booth space is extremely limited. Acceptance to hold a booth space is at the discretion of the Special Events Coordinator and Management of Blue Lake Casino & Hotel.

Booth Set Up

  • Load-in should happen through the front door of the hotel.
  • No pop up tents or other overhead coverings allowed.
  • All booths must occupy no more than a 10’x10’ space, unless otherwise arranged with Special Events Coordinator.
  • We will provide one 6’x18” table and 2 chairs.
  • Electricity only available upon request. Request must be made upon registration, otherwise, electricity will not be available.

Blue Lake Casino and Hotel is not responsible for the safety and security of booth items.
The room will be off limits after the expo is closed.

Additional Information

  • Guests do not need an event wristband to enter the Kinetik.
  • Access is free and open to the public during expo hours.
  • Selling of tattoo kits/equipment is prohibited.
  • Bring business license and related permits to show for inspection.


Vendors must fill out all spaces below.

Business Owner’s Name: (required)

Name of Business:

Business License #:

Street Address / P.O. Box:

City, State, Zip:

Office Phone: (required)

Office Fax:

Owner Email Address (required)

Vendor Website Address:

Primary Contact Name: (Required)

Primary Contact Cell #:

Primary Contact Email Address: (Required)

Business owner listed above will be responsible for booth space contract, fees and remittance of booth payment on behalf of shop and its registered assistants.

Please list name(s) of each booth assistant attending.
Assistant Name:
Assistant Name:
Assistant Name:
Assistant Name:

Electronic Signature of Owner:


Blue Lake Casino & Hotel and its partners, herein referred to as Management and Vendor/Artist herein referred to as Exhibitor. Exhibitor is required to obtain and display required license(s), permit(s) and certificates noted in the Inked Hearts Tattoo Expo Guidelines and Contract, and to remit and report all sales tax generated at the show as required by governmental agencies, City, and State. Exhibitor must abide by the published schedule of show hours, move-in and move-out times. Exhibitor must occupy his/her booth at least one hour prior to the opening of the show; otherwise Management may relocate or cancel booth without further notice and without refund or exchange. Exhibitor may not terminate his/her exhibit and leave the show before the published close of the show. Management assumes no responsibility and liability for merchandise or exhibit left in exhibit hall beyond move-out time and an overtime charge of $100 will apply. It is the Exhibitor's sole responsibility to leave the rented space in its original condition; otherwise Management will charge a trash removal/damage/repair fee of at least $100. Exhibitor must have liability insurance, and be responsible for his/her own liability and action resulting from the operation of his/her exhibit. Exhibitor must abide by all City, County, and State laws regulating tattooing and/or piercing. Management prohibits any and all illegal actions and activities. Exhibitor agrees to hold harmless Blue Lake Rancheria, Blue Lake Casino & Hotel Management, Sapphire Palace and their management, sponsors, officers, agents, employees and attendees, person or property in connection with Artist/Vendor's use and occupancy of the exhibit space or participation in Inked Hearts Tattoo Expo from any and all liability including but not limited to any bodily injury, illegal activity, property damage and all other liabilities arising from the operation of the exhibit, services provided or products sold during the show. Management will not be responsible for any loss of property due to theft, fire, accident, or other causes. Due to the nature of expo business, Exhibitor assumes full obligation of this contract including the full balance due once contract is signed. No cancellation, refund, exchange, or cool off period is allowed whether or not deposit has been made or booth assignment has been made. Exhibit space will not be assigned until Management has received full payment. Management reserves the right to cancel Exhibitor's contract and forfeit any deposit made if full payment is not received 30 days prior to the show date or if required licenses, permits and/or certificates are not turned into Blue Lake Casino & Hotel. It is understood that any projection/quotation on attendance is based on Management projection. Management offers no guarantee on attendance and no guarantee on Exhibitor's performance. No subletting of booth space allowed. Exhibitor will forfeit his/her right to exhibit without refund if this policy is violated. No taping, nailing, or painting is allowed on walls or poles. Management reserves the right to change exhibit hall, alter floor plan, and or re-assign exhibit space if deemed necessary for the benefit and commonwealth of the show. If Exhibitor accepts a re-assigned space at show for any reason, the fulfillment of this contract is deemed completed with no other recourse possible. Management reserves the right to refuse business to anyone or organization.

Exhibitor is responsible to get all permits/licenses/registrations/certificates. Failure to comply or failure to participate has no recourse.

Electronic Signature:

With my signature above, I hereby enter into contract with Management for exhibit space(s) as indicated. I understand and agree to the terms and conditions of event guidelines and of this contract, which is legal and binding in the courts of law in California. I agree that Management will not make any refund or exchange for cancellation or failure to show up at the show. I understand that this contract is not cancelable. My company and/or I agree to pay the full amount and assume the full responsibility of this contract. Any and all claims made against Management will be heard and settled by Blue Lake Rancheria Tribal Court.

10 X 10 Artist Booth: $250

Each Booth Includes:

  • Two (2) vendor badges and one (1) assistant wristband
  • Electrical service (only with prior approval)
  • One (1) skirted tables & two (2) chairs

Each additional assistant wristband: $35.00

Business Name:

Additional Reps at $35/per rep:
# of additional reps x $35=

Booth Cost:

Plus Additional Reps:

Total Due:

Payment is due in full. Remit payment along with application as soon as possible as space is limited. Payment in full is required to post vendor name and link on event website.

Send payment in full and completed Inked Hearts Tattoo Expo registration forms to:

Blue Lake Casino & Hotel
P.O. Box 1128
Blue Lake, CA 95525
Call: 707.668.9770 ext. 3238 or
Send email to:
Fax: 707.668.0198